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Shiny Rhinestone Rope,Shoelaces

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 High-quality glass Rhinestone's attached to a cotton cord, the head made of stainless steel. Durable and beautiful, crystal rhinestone glitter rope, Bling Bling adds lively style and looks nice. combination of vivid colors and texture, This is the best gift for friends and family.

Size and Quantity: 1pair (2 laces) of shiny rhinestone shoelaces, each with a length of 120cm/140cm/160cm of your choices and the diameter is 4 mm. 

The rhinestone string replacement drawstring glistening appearance can be a great decoration for your clothes and costumes.

Usage: This rhinestone belt can be used on all kinds of shoes as shoelaces for matching, as Hoodie belt, trouser belt and hat decoration, as well as the fixing and decoration of dress, or stick it on the back of your mobile phone case to give full play to your creativity for decoration.

Note: The color might exist slightly difference due to different displays. Do not machine wash or pull the replacement rhinestone drawstrings forcefully.