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Sunset Lamp Projection, Rainbow Atmosphere Night Light

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16 million Colors in One Lamp for Choose/APP

DIY color and brightness: by setting the RGB tone parameters, or by touching the color dial, you can match 16 million colors , adjust the brightness to obtain more light and shadow effects, give full play to your creativity, and own yourself photo background


Color Wheel Mode:

Touch the color wheel to switch colors according to your adjustment. You can also choose a fixed color at the bottom of the color wheel.

Timing function:

You can customize the time period to let the light shine at a specific time. When you are ready to shoot the scene and posture, the light will automatically turn on.

Music Sync:

App will automatically search the local music library and load it into the APP at the same time. With the light dancing with music, you can record video/vlog and send it to Tik Tok and Youtube

10-100% brightness adjustment:

You can choose the appropriate brightness according to your personal habits

Microphone mode:

In the MIC function, the light will dance with the surrounding sounds

Dynamic mode:

8 kinds of dynamic modes such as flashing, breathing, strobe, gradual change are optional; memory function, when the strip is used again, it will remember the last mode setting, no need to repeat the setting. Choose your own style.

360 Degree Rotated:

The Sunset Lamp head can be rotated 360 degrees, it can produce different lights from different angle, creating a brilliant atmosphere, enjoy the beauty of different colors. Rotating the light can adjust the size and shape of the halo of projector night light.

Remote Control Mode:

Function Introduction
Brightness + /Brightness -
16 Colors button
Flash Mode,Strobe Mode
Fade Mode,Smooth Mode

 Smart App Control:

How to download the APP?

Step 1: Scan the QR code to download the app on the mobile app store
Step 2: Turn on bluetooth in the phone.
Step 3: Open the application, click on the device list in the upper left corner, click on the display device, the icon connection means you can start using.
Step 4: Enjoy the funny light.
(APP language will change according to your system language)